5 Wedding Planning Tips to Maximise Light and Minimise Stress on Your Wedding Day

March 1, 2023

It’s official. Wedding season 2023 has officially started and I couldn’t be happier. 

After a few intentional months of restorative rest, down time with family and friends and just the good stuff in general, I’ve started the season feeling energised and ready to dive straight into photographing all the fabulous weddings I have booked in this year starting with S & C’s stunning wedding at Headlam Hall. 

Bride in long sleeved wedding dress sat on groom's lap holding a glass of champagne.

And so, if you’re reading this as a 2023 couple OH MY GOSH YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR. 

What a feeling, right? 

Sheer wedding-related excitement aside, what has undoubtedly added to my enthusiasm is the subtle shift in the season and the little teasers of springtime sun that have been showing up recently. 

Teetering on the edge of being a Great British Stereotype here, but I really do love spring and the small pockets of joy it creates. 

Topping up your dwindled vitamin D reserves with sunshine on your face, the smell of fresh washing dried on the line and getting your sunglasses (and maybe even your ankles) out after a long hibernation. All of these tiny things which slowly gain momentum and manifest into full-blown, spring has sprung vibes. 

And I’m here for it. 

An increase in sunshine means I get to talk about undoubtedly one of photographer’s favourite words; light. 

Bride in long veil walking in hand in hand with groom along the edge of a lake.

As a natural light photographer, light is my trusty sidekick when it comes to capturing gorgeous editorial images brimming with emotion. Whether it’s boldly streaming through a window, dappled across the faces of a newly married couple or hiding in the clouds creating even, soft goodness; light not only illuminates, but it plays with composition and can create pure magic. 

See, I’m obsessed. 

And so, to mark the end of quite possibly the darkest winter ever, I’m sharing exclusive insider wedding tips on how light directly impacts your final album and how to become mindful of making the most of the light on your wedding day. 

Bride in low backed wedding dress sat facing her husband each holding a glass of champagne.


If you’re still looking for your perfect wedding photographer match, then make sure to view their portfolio. It may sound obvious, but do it with an agenda. Like, really look. Look for weddings shot at a similar time of year as your own so that you can see the characteristics and overall mood your final wedding photographs will have. 


If you’re having a winter wedding but have fallen in love with the sundrenched, golden hour images typically associated with a summer wedding, talk this through with your photographer during the discovery stage to determine what is realistically achievable on your wedding day. A good photographer will have a plethora of other options that will produce equally stunning images, so an open mind is essential.   

Bride and groom snuggled together standing in front of large window

Once you’ve found the perfect wedding venue and wedding photographer, it’s a really useful exercise (read excuse) to go and visit during the day specifically to look at how the light falls inside and outside the venue. You can scope out the best locations, the brightest windows and the cinematic-esque shadows so that you can make sure they remain free of obstacles on the day and you can head straight to the en vogue gold. 

Bride having make up done sat in front of large window with light streaming through


Don’t forget about the other parts of the day. Be sure to visit the places where you and your bridal party and groomsmen will be getting ready too. As much natural light as possible is a dream for your wedding photographer to effortlessly nail those organically radiant pre-wedding images, but this also makes your MUA’s life easier too. 

  1. TIMING 

If you’ve got your heart set on golden hour images, please do not let your speeches start the hour before sunset. There is a small but utterly perfect window for these kinds of dreamy images, and the last thing I’d ever want is for you to miss out because of timing. Factor this in or ask your wedding photographer and embrace their guidance. 

Bride in low-backed wedding dress stood hand in hand with groom in pale suit.

Let’s be real and take at least one thing off your mind when planning a wedding, you can’t control the weather. But having a clear vision of what you’re hoping to achieve and being open and honest with your wedding photographer means that they can guide you and adapt to the bitter-sweet unpredictability of light. 

Ultimately, choosing a professional wedding photographer means you can relax knowing that regardless of whatever light does (or doesn’t) show up on the day of your wedding, your final wedding gallery will be full of the very best versions of you and your day, and most importantly, will be full of the joys of spring and a whole lot of love, no matter the season. 

P.S Want to know my pre-wedding process including uncovering those light-you-up locations at any venue for guaranteed romantic wedding photographs? Get in touch. 

Love, Rebecca xo 


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