Hello, I’m Rebecca. An editorial wedding photographer based in Sheffield, UK. 

Your wedding day deserves to be remembered forever, exactly as it was - elegant and chic as hell. 

My style is authentic, natural and emotive but with an editorial edge. Think modern romance meets Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

You don’t want wedding photographs just because. You want them, because.

Because of the way they look at you. 
Because they make the mundane beautiful. 
Because you’ve chosen them as your forever. 

I get that. 

My mission is to document exactly what makes you as a couple whilst proving just how photogenic you are, without you really having to do a thing. 

Romantic and bold yet unapologetically you. 

The best versions of you. 

“The thing I love about love is that it doesn't look the same on any two people. 
                   The thing I love about being a wedding photographer is that I get to capture that.” 






My approach is built on a foundation of an obsession with genuine connection, both yours as a couple and ours. A collaboration of creative vision and my determination to make sure you look like you’ve just stepped out of a magazine. 

If you’re wondering if investing in a photographer for your wedding day is worth it, spoiler alert. It is. 


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"You went above and beyond to make sure our wedding day will be remembered as it should be; full of laughter and love.”

Ask them what happened, and they’ll tell you. 
Show them a photograph, and they’ll tell you. 
Once they’ve finished crying.


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Where to begin... you seamlessly combined the utmost professionalism with becoming such an integral part of our day that you felt almost like another bridesmaid, a true friend. You were completely invisible at times, at others you grounded us during the emotional wobbles with your reassuring smiles. You were there for the dress fastening panic, you saw the nerves, the elation, the 'I do's' and what you delivered in our wedding gallery captured more than imagery, more than we dreamed of; you captured every emotion from our day with such beauty. We will be forever grateful.  

The sweetest reminder

[  carmen & Karl  ]


the kindest expression

Wow, where do I even start? I knew you would be great but nothing prepared me for the love and obsession I would have for our wedding photos. Every time we go through them, we cry, as do family & friends. It wasn't just the end product we loved, it was your cheery, kind, helpful self on the day too. You made everyone feel so relaxed and at ease at all times and together I felt it was all around love and laughter. Thank you for being part of that. I could not have wished for anything more from you.

[  Georgie & Brendon  ]


The Next Adventure

We absolutely loved working with Rebecca! She was so lovely from the very start. She was very responsive when we initially contacted her and was very helpful when we had to make changes due to Covid. She captured our day perfectly with stunning photos that will last us a lifetime. So very happy to have them and to have chosen her as our wedding photographer. We really couldn’t have asked for more! 

[  salima & Rich  ]


What if it ends up better than you could have ever imagined?

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