5 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding Photographs Scream Effortless Editorial Romance 

February 1, 2023

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and to celebrate loving all things love, I’m sharing some of the most romantic moments from real couple weddings. 

We’re talking serious romance. 

The love in these moments was raw and tangible and real and these are exactly the moments that make me do what I do. 

Want to know a secret? 

Not only are these parts of a wedding day incredibly emotional to shoot, but with a few intentional directions and a gentle nudge here and there from me, they can be effortlessly woven into your wedding day. 

And as a Valentine’s gift from me to you, I’m giving you the inside exclusive on the best prompts to add to your shot list for natural wedding portraits that look nothing short of an editorial photo shoot dream. 

Pen ready, you’re going to want to make notes. Or click here to add this to your Pinterest Board. 

(P.s. Number five is a personal favourite). 

  1. The First Look

Fastly becoming a photography trend in its own right and with good reason, the first look has the power to not only bring a tear to anyone’s eye but also give you an opportunity to see yourself in a moment otherwise missed. The aisle is obviously a photography hotspot, but as you make the rules, why not make this moment even more romantic and do it alone, before the vows? 

2. The We Did It

Cue me silently and allusively sprinting to the end of the aisle to capture this one. Sure, you could walk hand in hand looking pretty happy with yourselves. Or you could absolutely own it . 

Plan a picture that screams ‘we’re ridiculously in love and we just got married, so there’ with a true celebration of romance that gets everyone involved. Confetti, sparklers and champagne spray?. Yes please. 

3. The Dip Kiss

I will forever love a dip kiss. The pure cinematic romance of throwing caution to the wind, forgetting everything around you and just going for it makes for an utterly gorgeous photo. This one might need a bit of practice, so in the month of romance, why not perfect your dip kiss to guarantee a stunner of a shot like this one shot at Iscoyd Park

4. The Subtleties

Okay, so there’s in your face, romance and then there’s these. Life’s about balance, and while these softer shots are equally as emotive, they capture a very different vibe. Leave this up to me. The gentle, subconscious and yet super powerful parts. The authenticity of all of this makes for truly romantic wedding photography. Combine these moments with romantic lighting like this at The Secret Tower and we’ve nailed it. 

5. The Seated Cuddle Up 

Another staple in Rebecca Kerr Photography arsenal, this is the kind of moment that looks and most importantly feels, as if there truly is no one else in the room but you two. Steal a moment away from the celebratory chaos, take a seat on your happily ever after’s knee and savour every second. This romantic winter wedding at Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire UK provided the perfect backdrop for this intimately chic few minutes as a brand new Mr and Mrs. 

So there you have it – how to guarantee your wedding album romance level reaches a hundred with thoughtfully curated images that are both timeless and chic as hell. 

You’re welcome. 


P.s. Want to know more about my photography style or considering hiring me as your wedding photographer? Take a look at my portfolio or get in touch


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