It’s so lovely to meet you. 

I’m Rebecca, a wedding photographer based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK. 

I'm married to Ross, my lobster, and we have two children, Zac and Emmie who are my daily reminder that the fleeting moments full of feeling will one day be the only things that matter. (Even when I just need five minutes of peace). 

Wandering the streets of a new city with old friends is my favourite thing to do, and the kind of days where you forget to check your phone are the best. 

Oh, and if there’s music, I’ll be dancing. 

What brought me here? 

Seeing someone look and feel their very best on their wedding day is nothing short of magic. 

One of my most treasured possessions is my grandparent’s wedding album. Faded by time and torn with love, every time I look at it I can't help but study every detail, turning the pages as slowly as possible. 


My Nan and Grandad looked phenomenal. Like, truly gorgeous.

There's no denying who’s in those pictures. My Nan’s kind eyes and my grandad’s beaming smile. But they just looked perfectly, them. The best versions of them and their love story. 

These photographs make me feel. The reason they chose each other and, the irony not escaping me, the reason I’m even here and doing my dream job today. The connection between them has added to the connection between our family, years later. 

See, magic

This is exactly what I want for you. To give yourselves the gift of an album of elegant, magazine-worthy moments full of authentic love, joy and a hell of a good time, without missing one moment of your special day. A moment in your family history.

Why can't you have it all?

Rebecca kerr, wedding photographer

I’m married to a real gem of a human, Ross, who is absolutely my lobster. He might spend too much time on the phone but he always makes sure my drink is topped up and gets up with the kids on Saturday morning. Together, we have two kids called Zac & Emmie. They’re mostly the lights of our lives except for when we need just five minutes’ peace.
I love singing along (unfortunately, quite badly) to everything from Les Mis to Stormzy, getting lost in a good book and wandering the streets of a new city with my people. Put an ice cream cone in my hand and I’d call it good.​

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Photographing those first moments after the ceremony - the exhale, the relief, the realisation that you’ve actually done it. Realness overload. 

my favourite things

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Bread, balsamic and a bowl of olives. Name a more iconic trio. 

my favourite things

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The way my daughter says ‘heart beep’ instead of heart beat.

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The moments simply made for timeless black and white images with blurry edges. Goose. Bumps.

my favourite things

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Prioritising self care by honouring my skin care routine. Why oh why does toner feel so good?

my favourite things

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My favourite colour? Croatian ocean blue. 

my favourite things


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