Wedding Day Delight: Making The Most Of Your Wedding Day

May 8, 2023

A recent wedding at Middleton Lodge entrenched exactly why I love weddings, and my couples in particular, so much. 

Richard and Faye had a vision and then made it happen. But not without careful consideration of the people that mattered most to them on their wedding day. 

And it showed. 

The abundance of love and care shown both to the couple and to each and every one of their guests was tangible. A day filled with all the good stuff. Love, joy and celebration and all of it styled to perfection. 

Wedding planning truly is a journey. And amidst all of the meticulous planning and preparations, there are some key – yet often overlooked – elements that you can effortlessly weave into your wedding day to ensure your day is as special for the people you care most about as it is for you. And of course, that you have it documented forever in your wedding gallery. 


This is fundamental in making sure you enjoy every moment of your day. You can consider the experience of others without succumbing to their expectations and compromising on how you want your wedding day to look, feel and be celebrated. Don’t want a wedding cake? Don’t. Fallen in love with champagne tower? Do it. If you’re happy, your guests will be happy. And if everyone’s happy, that’s exactly how your photographs will feel. 

Richard has a nut allergy and so the couple chose an elegant champagne tower instead of the traditional wedding cake. 


Your timeline is completely adaptable so look at things objectively rather than from a place of tradition. Like Richard and Faye, consider a longer drinks reception to allow for meaningful mingling and chance for your guests to congratulate you past a brisk handshake and kiss on the cheek. This thoughtful tweak to the day injects an element of laidback luxury and although invisible, timing has a huge impact on the overall mood of your final photographs. There is a technical element involved to achieve those preconceived must-have shots and so trust me when I say that timing is everything. 

  1. VIBES 

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that I am all about the feelings and emotions of a wedding day and my mission is to capture images that perfectly depict this. 

But also, vibes. 

Your music or entertainment (or both) is the perfect opportunity to finesse the overall atmosphere of your day. Just as important as the styling, it can enhance that hazy just married feeling over drinks with your newly-merged families or let everyone know that it’s time to party. Richard and Faye chose a DJ that played through the reception and added a symphonic sax for the evening, which created exactly the chilled vibes called for at the end of such a gorgeous day of celebration. 

The couples I am lucky enough to photograph are also brave enough to do things their way and make their day work for them. This has the wonderful effect of absolutely everyone involved, including suppliers, loving every moment too. 

Your wedding day should be exactly that. Yours. 

But considering all the in-between moments and finishing touches of your day will elevate your experience further and mean there is nothing left to do on your big day but enjoy it while your photographer captures it. 

Pure and simple. 

Check out Richard and Faye’s full portfolio here. If you’re looking for a photographer and need some insider tips for your wedding planning journey, get in touch and let’s book a discovery call. 


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