The Artistry of Editorial Wedding Photography; But what exactly is it?

February 7, 2024

You’re searching for the best wedding photographer to document your day.

You know that you want documentary-style, gently posed, authentic and natural wedding photographs spilling with romance and quiet sophistication. That probably means, you want an editorial wedding photographer.

But what exactly does that mean?

In a world where the scroll is infinite, revealing thousands of wedding photographs and introducing just as many wedding photographers, the words that define photography styles, approaches, and essence can often feel diluted and even lose their meaning altogether.

The sheer abundance of images can blur the lines between distinctive styles, leaving couples in a digital sea of snapshots with varying degrees of storytelling and artistic flair.

And so if you truly value wedding photography as the art it undoubtedly is, firstly, I love you, and secondly, the challenge you face is not just finding a wedding photographer that shoots in the aesthetic you love, but in discovering the unique voice that resonates with your love story.

And so, I’m stripping it right back.

Here is the full guide into what exactly editorial wedding photography is, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether it’s the approach for you.

1. Editorial Photography Tells A Story

I promised myself I would avoid any and all cliches, but this one really is unavoidable. Editorial wedding photography is more than a mere collection of snapshots; it’s a captivating narrative. Each and every image tells a story, instantly transporting you back to the genuine moments of your special day.

They do their job.

These are not staged, rigid, uncomfortable poses but full-of-feeling frames that hold the belly laughs, the happy tears, and the dance floor euphoria when your favourite song was played. These images, resonating with movement and emotion, aren’t just photographs; they’re hold-in-your-hand nostalgia that incite you to say, “remember that moment when…?” 

2. Authenticity, Always

Unlike staged and posed styled shoots, editorial wedding photography thrives on authenticity. It’s about capturing the genuine essence of your love story, freezing moments that put simply, are. The laughter, the stolen glances, the unscripted joy – these are the elements that breathe life into every photograph. Your wedding photographer will gently prompt and guide you, and may even have some signature compositions as I do with my most requested seated smooch shot, but an editorial wedding photographer will enhance the magic in the moment that’s already there.

3. Artistry in Composition

This leads me onto composition. Wedding photography really is an art and we really do have an eye for this. We just see things differently, crafting each image with meticulous attention to composition. Editorial wedding photography is more than documentation; it’s curating artistic frames where every element, from light to shadow, plays a role in enhancing the narrative.

The result? A collection of breathtaking images that really do look like you’ve just stepped out of a magazine.

4. Setting the Tone

I’m a details girl and adore the challenge of encapsulating the entire experience of a wedding day with moments otherwise missed. I mean, there’s a reason you chose your venue and however you choose to play your day, it really will be totally unique to you. 

From cosy corners to intricate details and sweeping landscapes, every photograph should tell a story of not only what your day looked and felt like, but how it felt too, allowing you to relive not only the emotions but also the very atmosphere of your wedding day.

5. Carefully Crafted Edits

Taking photos is only part of the art. Maintaining the emotions through the process of culling and editing the photographs is a challenging but oh so rewarding element of editorial wedding photography. For example, I love to include intentionally blurred images in your final wedding collection, an artistic expression that adds the dynamic of movement to your images. The images should remain authentic but polished, genuine yet vogue-worthy.

Choosing an editorial wedding photographer should be a deliberate choice, one that harmonises seamlessly with your wedding aesthetic, album aspirations, and the glorious feeling of nostalgia you hope for your future selves.  

Get it right, and every photograph will be a testament to your love story, allowing you to immerse yourself in the emotions, the laughter, and the moments that made your day truly unforgettable.

If you think my photography style is for you, why not get in touch? I’d love to chat with you.




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