From Engagement to Forever – Easy ways to Romanticise Your Wedding Planning Journey

January 25, 2024

There’s a real magic about becoming engaged. Your relationship just shifts a little, you know?

You’re in your fiancé era. Why not turn it into a season of its own? 

Rather than treating it as a mere formality that you wish away, marked only by intermittent stress, wedding planning spreadsheets and countdown calendars with ‘X days until our wedding.’

Officially crown it an opportunity to make your engagement a moment, to love and learn a little more.

And whether you’ve decided to take the wedding planning phase slow and steady with a wedding date ‘somewhere in the next few years’ or you’re firmly a 2025 wedding couple committed to ticking things off your to-do list as soon as possible; there really is an opportunity for leaning in to this fleeting time as fiancés.

Because, let’s face it, like all good things it’s got to come to an end eventually. Why not make the most of it? Add a sprinkle of romance to both the mundane and the monumental moments.

1. The Vision

It’s no secret that I am an advocate for slowing down. When wedding planning is done with intention, the real magic happens. From picking out invitations to sharing those laughter-filled late-night conversations about your future together, these are the bits that make your story uniquely yours.

Envision how you want your day to feel. Concentrate on each other’s interpretation of the perfect wedding day and drown out the external noise. By focusing on your shared vision, you’ll not only survive but thrive in the planning process. And even if your wedding planning time frame is a short one, carving out meaningful moments to personalise your wedding day together is incredibly valuable.  

Romanticise the process, celebrate the tiny victories, and remember, it’s your wedding. You deserve to take your time with this.

2. The Vows

Please oh please, don’t be the person scrambling to put pen to paper on the morning of your wedding. 

Make a moment of it and whisk yourselves away to somewhere new, or revisit a place that holds sentimental value. A change of scenery is a catalyst for creativity, and hey, any excuse for a mini-break, right? Grab a coffee, a glass of something chilled and put pen to paper.

Even if you don’t write in the moment, it will put you in the frame of mind that writing a declaration of never-ending love requires at least – turning vow-writing into a beautiful, intimate moment that’s just for the two of you.

Homework, but make it romantic.

3. The Engagement Shoot

Choosing the right wedding photographer is such an incredibly important decision in the wedding planning process. And once it’s done, the thrill can soon fade only to be met with a mild to moderate panic and the realisation that you’re actually going to be in front of a camera all day.

While I pride myself on an unobtrusive approach to capturing your most magical wedding moments, I understand that for some, the thought of being photographed is daunting. An engagement shoot is a chance to get dressed up (or not), spend time somewhere you love with the person you love. It’s also the most perfect opportunity to not only get comfortable in front of the camera, with my process and start to consider your shot list but also, to document this momentary, fleeting chapter that is your engagement.

Romanticising your engagement and the wedding planning process is an opportunity to find a balance; documenting your journey without feeling overwhelmed, capturing memories while living in the moment, ensuring every celebration leading up to your wedding is a core memory unlocked and enjoyed to the fullest.

Every step in your wedding planning journey is a note in your love story. So, embrace the romance, slow down, and let’s make this chapter one for the books.

I’m now booking 2025 weddings and beyond. Still looking for your wedding photographer or inspired to book an engagement shoot? Get in touch, I’d love to chat to you.





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