The Art of Effortless Wedding Day Portrait Sessions at Tunnels Beach, Devon

January 7, 2024

As delights for the senses go, Jess and John’s luxury wedding at Tunnels Beaches, Devon was up there.

A coastal dream; this contemporary yet warm and inviting top UK wedding venue is nestled within a network of hand-carved tunnels that reveal incredibly beautiful sheltered beaches and pristine tidal pools, untouched and unspoiled and totally exclusive.

Despite being sculpted from the rugged Devonshire coastline, Tunnels Beaches exuded an atmosphere that was remarkably soft around the edges.

A heavenly blend of contemporary elegance and untamed romance. It was like nature had decided to paint its own love story.

A day where heartfelt vows were exchanged against the uninterrupted backdrop of the sea and the salty breeze meandered between sips of Aperols, carrying the laughter of guests indulging in fresh oysters across the intimate wedding celebration.

The very best sort of wedding day.

And so of course, John and Jess didn’t want to miss a moment.

One of the most common questions I receive from my couples revolves around how and when their wedding portrait photos will seamlessly blend into their special day.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a delicate dance between ensuring those incredible, vogue-worthy, main character shots are captured and remaining present for the celebrations.

And your wedding photographer should take the lead.

Whilst your happiness is my absolute priority, my approach makes the most of our time together without keeping you away from the heart of your celebration for too long.

I keep things short and sweet.

It’s efficiency without compromise, and here, efficiency is an art, especially when it comes to documenting your story; curating a collection of images that are an editorial dream without overshadowing the countless other magical moments happening organically on your wedding day.

“Thank you so much for everything – you were amazing on the day, listened to us and were patient with my FOMO ways.” – JESS

The Key to Effortless Portrait Sessions:

1. Talk about your must-have shots and any specific locations or compositions you’re envisioning way before your wedding day. Clear communication makes sure you curate the shot list of dreams while maximising our time efficiently (and of course, artistically).

2. On the day itself, relax and trust the process. I’ll have the shot list, but if a spontaneous moment to create some real, authentic magic arises, let’s take it. I’m here to guide you.  

3. Scope out your wedding venue beforehand and choose locations wisely. I’m always more than happy to offer advice and guidance for this, and can do this pretty easily if I’ve shot at the venue before. Opt for spots with diverse backdrops nearby, allowing us to capture a range of shots without spending too much time moving between locations.

4. If possible, schedule some of your portrait photographs during golden hour. The soft, warm glow of this magical hour enhances the beauty of the shots, creating a naturally romantic atmosphere. 

5. Movement in photography is something I will always champion, and so to make the most of our time, be ready to move. Whether it’s a playful twirl or a spontaneous dip kiss, embracing movement adds dynamism to the shots and ensures we capture a variety of gorgeously candid moments.

The way I felt about Tunnels Beach that day is the way I feel about so many of these glorious yet seemingly hidden wedding venues. It is wildly beautiful and still untouched entirely in places. Yet anyone can easily travel there, celebrate, and witness it – all of it. 

And every single time it’s different.

This resonates deeply with how I approach wedding portrait sessions. 

Just as Devon showcased its ever-changing beauty, these hidden gems reflect the core of my approach – keep portrait sessions brief, capture the authentic moments, and send you straight back to the celebrations. A commitment that capturing your love story can harmoniously coexist with the natural wonder-filled moments of your day. 

The beauty of your wedding day celebration doesn’t have to be disrupted by portrait sessions; rather, they seamlessly become part of the magic, enhancing the overall experience. 

If like Jess and John, you’re looking to absolutely nail your wedding portrait shots without compromising on time spent celebrating your wedding day with those that you love the most, get in touch

I’d love to chat with you about my approach and your plans. 


Rebecca xo 


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