A bride & groom look at the details of their Fig House wedding reception at Middleton Lodge

Say no to Chaos and Yes to Editorial Elegance: The Art of Slowing Down at Your Wedding with Saf and Keiran at Middleton Lodge

October 25, 2023

When you imagine your wedding day – especially after the engagement high and once the real wedding planning has begun – your mind can often drift to a place tinged with anxiety and stress.

Your mind is cluttered with to do lists and planning, menu tasting and dress fittings, invoices and deadlines. And when you’re able to see the light at the end of the wedding planning tunnel, sometimes you picture not just the magnificent wedding day you’ve meticulously planned, but a whole new world of logistical stress.

Lovely – but with a very real undertone of organisational pressure.

But what if I told you that the day you get married – whether it’s a large-scale luxury wedding or a small, intentional yet opulent affair – can not only be the best day of your life, but also a relaxed, present and stress-free one?

Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, excitement, and celebration. It’s a day you’ve been dreaming about for years, and it’s only natural to want every moment to be perfect.

But here is one of the most important pieces of advice you can receive: slow down.

However, in the rush of wedding planning and the fast-paced nature of the day itself, it’s easy to forget. But trust me on this; slowing down, being intentional with your timeline and giving yourselves and your guests the opportunity to exhale and take it all in is such golden advice. 

And here’s some more; be more Saf and Keiran.

A Fig House wedding at Middleton Lodge

For me, their wedding was as near perfection as any wedding I’ve ever seen.

And ironically, they did it by creating a wedding day that didn’t strive for perfection. And in doing so, curated a day that was even better – a day that was on their terms. They perfected the art of slowing down resulting in beautiful editorial photographs that captured the essence of their luxury wedding at the glorious Middleton Lodge.

The Beauty of a Relaxed Wedding Morning

The morning of your wedding sets the tone for the entire day. Instead of a hectic rush to get ready, Saf and Kieran prioritised a relaxed start to their day.

Saf and her bridesmaids stuck to a prearranged yet relaxed getting ready schedule. Less military precision, more organised fun – allowing time for laughter, shared moments, champagne popping and even a singalong to Natasha Bedingfield.  

Slowing down during the morning preparations allows for genuine moments to unfold. Whether it’s a heartfelt conversation with your bridesmaids, a quiet moment with your parents, or sharing a toast with your closest friends, these authentic interactions make for memorable editorial photographs that beautifully document the essence of your luxury wedding.

A Luxurious Interlude

Many couples feel pressured to rush from the ceremony to the reception, barely pausing to catch their breath. Saf and Kieran gifted themselves and their guests themselves a luxurious two-hour interlude between their ceremony and the speeches. This deliberate choice allowed them to savour the magic of their wedding day without feeling rushed.

They had the opportunity to be with their guests, bask in the joy of their union, and share intimate moments.

The result?

Editorial photographs that captured the unscripted emotions and interactions, making their wedding day feel even more special. Slowing down and taking this time can be a game-changer, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the moment and ensuring that every detail is experienced and remembered.

Relaxed Elegance in Front of the Camera

In my experience, one of the most common concerns for couples is how they will look in their wedding photographs. Will they look natural and relaxed, or will they appear stiff and posed?

Saf and Kieran were the epitome of chill in front of the camera. By slowing down and embracing each moment together, they melted into the experience, allowing their genuine emotions and love to shine through.

For your luxury wedding, consider taking a similar approach. Trust in your photographer’s expertise and guidance, but also allow yourselves to be present in each moment. When you relax and enjoy the experience, your editorial photographs will reflect the authentic beauty of your love story. Your final gallery will be spilling with emotion and tell a powerful visual narrative of your wedding day.

Getting married is about letting the magic of your day take over–it’s about feeling every moment, breathing in the sheer joy of it all. It’s about appreciating every last detail that you’ve planned.

Your wedding is a day to be cherished, and by slowing down and savouring each moment, you can create a truly unforgettable experience.

This approach not only enhances the beauty of your luxury wedding but also results in editorial wedding photographs that capture the essence of your love story.

So, as you plan your special day, remember the importance of slowing down – a priceless gift to yourselves, your guests, and the beautiful memories you’ll create.

And, trust me, it truly is an art.

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Rebecca xo 


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