How To Nail Your Getting Ready Photos

March 11, 2022

The hours before the ceremony are one of my favourite times of the day to photograph. The excited anticipation. The finishing touches to the look. The camaraderie and love of all the people you’ve chosen to share the moment with. It’s a beautiful time that makes for beautiful photos to remember it all by.

Having said that though, a word of caution – I’ve been there for enough wedding morning preparations to know that things don’t always go to plan. I hate to see my couples getting stressed out, clock watching and panicking over the disappearing time. You’re going to love your photos much more if you have a positive emotional connection to the moments captured so give yourself time to relax and enjoy.

To make sure that you get the most out of these few hours and get all of those gorgeous getting ready photos that you’ve seen all over insta, I’ve put together 8 of my best tips.

  1. Get matching dressing gowns or pyjamas from your bride tribe for a cute, put together look. Not essential but cute if you want it. 

2. Hire a pro to do your hair & make up. If your budget is a little tighter, the bridesmaids can always take care of themselves but at least get your own done. Your hair & makeup looks will need to last for the duration of a very long day and a professional will give that expert finish. Plus, less stressful for you!

3. Be mindful of the getting ready space. Try to choose somewhere that has plenty of light and plenty of space for the number of people who will be there the morning of the wedding. The light available will make a huge difference to your photos and the more natural light, the better! 

4. Keep the room tidy – do you want loads of clutter in the background of your pictures? Everyone’s bits and pieces scattered around can be a distraction in the photos and really detract from the moment captured. 

5. Pop open a bottle of bubbles to get the celebration going/to calm the wedding day nerves and actually sit for ten minutes with your loved ones! You may think this would naturally happen but with so much going on the morning of a wedding you actually have to factor in this time to make sure it happens.

6. Get all of the bits & bob ready your detail shots. I recommend hanging up your dress and then gathering together your shoes, wedding day scent, rings, stationery and perhaps some florals. Not everyone wants these details capturing but I think if you’ve spent time choosing them all then it’s worth documenting.

7. Give yourself plenty of time to get into your dress. Start making moves at least an hour before you need to be leaving so that you don’t feel rushed and have some time for a few solo portraits

8. Set your morning (and your future memories!) to music. Prior to the wedding day, have everyone in your wedding party tell you (or better yet, delegate to someone!) a couple of songs that remind them of you, one of your best memories or shared moments together and put them all together into a playlist and then play it throughout the morning. Nothing that is going to make you too emotional through because your MUA will not be thanking you if there are too many tears!

I hope that you enjoy every moment of your time getting ready and cherish the unique and special moments with your loved one.


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